Nov 24, 2012

Two People In A Room - Endless Bummer

Two People In A Room - Endless Bummer

"Two People In A Room is the project of Berlin based duo Michelle and Rene, the latter also known as the ambient solo artist Pillowdiver. Formed in 2009, Two People In A Room create their music using guitar which is then manipulated extensively through the use of effects pedals and signal processing. But one of the things that separate them from others is that it's not solely feedback and drone as melodic elements get thread into the music's dense fabric."

I can allegorize this music as an glowing somewhere in dark forest. Mystic, deep, completed sound of it form a haze mood or the spline with a bit of darkness in it. Mysterious shades of guitar gives feeling of something been far ahead of you and the drones textures put some pressure around it increasing observation. For some reason while i was listening i recall a few episodes when i was swimming at night in the lake while huge rain going on. I mention that because i usually divide drone music on tho types: space and underwater. Underwater drones is usually 'down to earth' sounding and worm in compare to space sounding drones.

Shortly is a great drone album witch has it moving and melodies. Atmospheric.

Released 23 November 2012 at Rural colours


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