Nov 5, 2012

Ithaca Trio - New Music From The Delta Quadrant

Ithaca Trio - New Music From The Delta Quadrant

From hibernate: "Originally released back in 2010 New Music was a series of unheard, unreleased or otherwise unknown compositions by the mighty Leeds based trio. It was also released in a severely limited quantity of just ten hand-made editions. New Music From The Delta Quadrant sees the album re-released as a larger edition with the tracks having all been reworked by the Ithaca Trio and remastered by Lawrence English.

Established in 2009, The Colossal Ithaca Trio is the project of Oliver Thurley, a composer based in Leeds, UK. The trio project encompasses a collage of compositions, soundscapes, improvisations, field recordings, manipulations and experimentations recorded by various members of the Deus Ex Machina Arkestra and associated sound-propagators."

As a result of remastering re-releasing old works now we can able enjoy of this digest of eight well composed and mastered tracks.
Album hasn't have it's generalizing mood, yet, i feel tinge of compatibility with current season. Variation of textures and sounds and mood it gave me is what made this album good and special for me personally.

On the technical side is more than well done. It combines together things, i thought, not compatible at all. I really impressed how good can vocals and guitar ambient texture, space drone 'scapes with acoustic guitar, electronic vibes with piano, sound together. 


it was hard for me to do any commentary about this release, but, it definitely a great album worth buying.

It will available on CD digipak from around November 12, but you already able to pre-order it or buy digital album.

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