Nov 7, 2012

Gareth Hardwick / P Jørgensen - Split album

Gareth Hardwick / P Jørgensen - Split album  

This week is reach for great releases i tell you that. This one is released on one of my long time favorite label called Low Point. Also, this is my very first review/commentary about split album.

The first side of this records is an piece called "Sixteenth February Twenty Twelve" by Gareth Hardwick.
I feel essence of this track as a slowly developing orb witch going from the slightly sights of smooth textures and something that remind me of a church bell. Then it claims itself with rising of the sound sometimes going overload but in the calm way. It fade away with the straight sleeping breathe of guitar sound shapes. All together it have meditative calm mood.

On the other side of record we have "Four Pieces For Moreschi" by P Jorgensen.
It starts with a bit sharp avant-garde texture with a bit of drama in it. After it switch to cosmic winds witch building a mixed feeling of anxiety of unknown but calm muse at the same time. it ends with inspiring score of drones mixed with choir lines.

Great album for both home and outside listening. If i would compare this to tracks i  would say - the first one for the morning; the second one is for the night;


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