Oct 9, 2012

v/a - Soundtrack for your wedding

Soundtrack for your wedding (Aerotone 2006)

If you are let-audio enthusiast or newcomer you should get acquainted with this release or the whole old aerotone base witch now available on  archive.org. I already mention aerotune's releases more than any labels now... well it's because thats was my start point in my music journey. 

This compilation in 2006 brought some names witch i coming across now very fairly often such as Muhr, 7oi, Grass and so on. 

Every one of 14 tracks has no complaint from me: it's organic, well composed, well mixed and every tracks are full of life. Genres is range from ambient to space-rock and lo-fi indietronic. Very best to have this play while doing everything. Highly recommend.

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