Oct 22, 2012

UnknownJP - Romantica

UnknownJP - Romantica

"...Tomonari Nozaki is a Japanese composer of minimal music, inspired by the rays of sun, falling down from the cloudy sky. His hometown is Tokyo, where he originally started as minimal techno DJ. However, ten years before, he began to use tape recorder..."

From the first second i was stunt.

While usual browsing soundcloud i came across what i looking for months and months. Music got me by it's unique sounding like no others I've heard before.

Plangent and the same way melodic rising creating own little wonderland around it. Usually, music who has a similar sounding is either melancholic or just sad but the UnknownJP's pieces are floating around feeling and drags listener into this little sphere. Enigmatic.

Tracks itself is cross genre of drones, ambient, modern-classical and a bit of avant-garde. Strings and stretched vocals mixing with deep space drone vibes along the tracks while we able to hear something nostalgic-old...

Absolutely masterpiece. Best of this fall yet and now in my personally top 20.

Romantica was released on  Slovakian soun records and available for digital download via bandcamp for only 6 euro.


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