Oct 7, 2012

Steven Hess & Christopher McFall - The Inescapable Fox

Steven Hess & Christopher McFall - The Inescapable Fox

I always been easily fascinated by any analog technology recordings in nowadays, especially in music scene i do researches from.

I can describe it as a cross-genre between piano-ambient and drone experimental. From beginning of record we hear mellow piano line and voice line with a bit of  moaning wafts witch is all together sound really organic an old-school way even if it not accurate word for it. This composition as every next ones is change it course to another sides of range of  it's sounding. Through this record, b-side deep drone modulations we can able to hear all kind of sound created from a tape recorder or analog devices. And then we been smoothly going from the dark aria back to light with piano and vocal play tide. After that i notice some electric sounds again perfectly match the picture.

This fantastic album available only in vinyl as edition of 200 records. So hurry up.


Steven Hess / Christopher McFall - I by Under The Spire

Steven Hess / Christopher McFall - IV by Under The Spire

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