Oct 3, 2012

Second awakening...

After almost 7 mouth of silence i decide to give my blog, witсh use to be called "Blear Moon's Reviews", a new life...

It's been a very hard times for me: moving to another continent; finance problems; depression and just everyday stuff i went through... But now i have big plans for this blog and my music project as well. 

So as always i am gone be doing reviews at least 1 or 2 times in week, most of the time it will be one post about recent release and another about music you may not heard of or i just wanna share with you. B-side of that i have a several ideas for a articles in my head and few already on paper but is not the time yet. And last but not least: i am gonna be doing some translates of materials witch will be interesting to a specific audience.

First posting activity will be around next week or from up-coming weekend. For submission info please visit relevant page.

see ya.
Dream Rehearsal

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