Oct 19, 2012

Koen Daigaku ‎– Phosphorescence/Wind Has Risen

Koen Daigaku.

Couldn't find lot of information about this artist, only clue i have he from Japan somewhere and i don't even sure about it.

After many listens thru Phosphorescence i couldn't wait for more and was really excited after found out about new postcard of him on Twisted Tree Line, so i immediately pres order button and wait for arrive.

Now (few mouths later), i thinks is better to tell you about both release in one review. The reason of that is because i expect and wait from a postcard pretty much the same i heard from hes music before and i am fine with that. 

Every friend i showing to said that is very hard to call it music, though, it very great sounding pieces. I agree. Hes works IS something like no others. It may be sounding very bizarre for people who don't familiar to independent music scene and even if they do, sometime.

Music is enigmatic and cosmic deep. It causes feeling in me, like if i furtively overhear something way fat from what we able to understand. It seems like it's altered mind state itself or a bridge to it.

It very rare case when I don't think i able to describe how this work sounding. The only way you can get it is listen by yourself. 

There is one album, postcard-type ep, and compilation appearance and, accordingly from Koen's blog, he is in process of second album creating...

phosphorescence http://www.u-cover.com/u-cover/template.php?data=release-front&ID=173
wind has risen  http://www.twistedtreeline.co.uk/page3.html
heatdeathrecords comp http://heatdeathrecords.bandcamp.com/album/for-small-creatures-such-as-we

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