Oct 28, 2012

Ekca Liena - Sleep Paralysis

Ekca Liena - Sleep Paralysis

I am still not sure why i choose exactly this album of hes. Ekca Liena, found by Daniel W J Mackenzie was and still one of my long time favorite and i love every album but something special about this one and it's not even the first i heard. 

Every one in a while i see threads on imageboards where anons ask for some creepy\spooky music and every time i scroll through those threads i disappointed. Non of tracks people posted is comparable to this one...

And i could be wrong and interpret music not as it planned by an artist, but thats what i am doing here, telling about my feeling of the music. 

From the first track it build atmosphere of mystery and obscurity. After it developed into heavy suspicion of surrounding things...

My favorite of all is Heavy Weather, it's sounding for me as a paranoia dialog inside of someone head witch find connection between add things minute after minute.

My second favorite is probably June 4101 witch is for me sounding like an final outcome, awareness. What comes next from that is afterwords. 

Whole album is like a book for me. Order of tracks and the names of has it own special meaning and everyone able to interpret as he or she feels to. Amazing! 


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