Aug 26, 2011

Cinchel - Ritual Habitat

Cinchel - Ritual Habitat

Cinchel is a Jason Shanley, artist from chicago, United States.

Ritual Habitat is a three tracks postcard.

His music is mostly electronic with using experimental technique playing on electro guitar like bowed and etc.

The first track is kinda space and deep with sort of machine sounds and far away sound guitar.

The second track in the quickening pace guitar more loaded and a lots of bowed strings sounds.

The track number three is most interesting to me because i think artist made a great job to reproduce the sound of the night in electronic form. Best thing is to listen to this track on your player at night in the woods, but not loudly, but to be able to hear the sound of self steps. Very dark and creepy track.

release at feed back loop label August 2011