Jul 19, 2011

Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Summer (review)

Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Summer 

Good Weather For An Airstrike is a Tom Honey artist from Winchester, UK

   This is not my first meeting with gwfa, if you look at my few first reviews you will find my thought for gwfa ep called "A Winter".
   The first thought came on my mind what "summer" is a artistic and meaningful extension of the "whinter".

    One of the interesting features of the album is a titles for a song, it's looks random but is so much more.

    Make sure you listening in order because every song crossing with long transition.

    The intro of the album track "Solid Surroundings Feel Empty" starts with overload guitar (i guess) drones and others one half continuing with lovely chill guitar.
27610 welcome as with very soft and growing moby style strings, and featuring clatching noises like very shaggy vinyl, this noises going through next song called "Clouds Forming In The Lay By" it's very minimalistic with reverse guitar on forward, at the end of the track starting speeches from next theme called "The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives (Revisited)" its definitely trip hop track with nice beat and electro piano chords.
    The middle of the album "Twisted Knuckles" its like short piano intermission for album.
    Second part of album starts with lovely and emotional drone track witch ended by sound of crickets. "The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives (Reprise with Inachus)" is a like mixing drones and trip hop....
    Drone "Light Shines Through The Cracked Window" like prelude for a longest track on album "The Sun Sets Over Us, And We Are Happy"
    Outro track "The Method Was Slow And Probably Dangerous" is good to be Outro sound for me like a picture of end of the gig, when artists standing with guitar and lights it's slowly off...