Jun 13, 2011

Cantaloup releases review


Now im in anticipation because of the expectations of the new album "the sirens sleep" by cantaloup planed on june 2011.

I am still in big love with two past cantaloup albums "Tonight it shows" (2006) and "On a hill not far away" (2008) and one tracks for compilation in 2006  - all of it has release on aerotone netlabel.

If you stil don't hear about - Cantaloup is a project founded by Thomas Peters from Marburg/Germany with Eva Paul as vocalist for albums.

I so love hes music because it's very unique and not a monotonous. Songs give me all i want to listen, clean-guitar rifs, acoustics, beats, keys, even field records sometime.

Cheers Cantaloup am looking forward for you new album!

you can download all releases with pay what you wand on cantaloup.bandcamp.com