Jun 8, 2011

Lyndsie Alguire - Suspended in light (review)

Lyndsie Alguire  - Suspended in light 

... I am very glad that I started writing these little Review for my blog because i starts followings netlabels more carefully. It is very difficult to realize that if I never listened to an album like this ... 

Lyndsie Alguire is a compositor from Montreal Canada.

Is so much soul and life in 14-x themes album "Suspended in light". Very thoughtful and beautiful album contains melancholic piano compositions and romantics electronics waves with parts of speeches and field-records. All together evokes a piece of my soul which is responsible for love. (10/10)

Album released 04 June 2011 at Camomille available for free downloads mp3 and lossless formats or for order limited edition CDR.


Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A/Track B

Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A/Track B

 Quinn is based in Daegu, South Korea and Danny is based in Ohio, US. 

Part A on album is a avant-garde minimal track with instrumental and electronica unplugged sound. Track outro is a lovely harmonic part.

Part B more electronic combinations of pads, drones and pink noises with a hint of field recordings.

Album released 07 June 2011 at Audio Gourmet netlabel.