May 17, 2011

review: Visión Armónica del Caos - Impaciencia

Visión Armónica del Caos - Impaciencia

Visión Armónica del Caos is a one man band from San Pedro, Costa Rica.

Impaciencia - such a lovely indie-rock and for free, i don't listen so good free indie-rock for long time. Release 7.01.2011 on noisnois netlabel. 

Three instrumental tracks combination with nice guitar, a little bit electronics, good drums beat and lovely bass tracks.

This is a first release from this artist i listen, but is a enough to make motivate me for listening another Visión Armónica del Caos releases. 


review: Gimu - Beluga

Gimu - Beluga

Gimu is a artist from Brazil. His earlier music career was based around a pop/electronic band called 'Terrorturbo', in which he was lead singer. As the members of the band went their separate ways over time, Gimu found himself left alone and unsure as to what would be his next move. 

Beluga is a two tracks debut ep released on Audio  Gourmet net label 14 December 2010.

Begula is very depressive and dramatical music, but is a great at the same time. I can't called it ambient because is so much different. Sound like a soundtrack for Arab landscapes. Is not a easy listening but is definitely deserves more attention and i can recommend fans of Sopor Aeternus, Saltillo and  Bersarin Quartett.