May 15, 2011

review Good Weather for an Airstrike - A Winter

Good Weather for an Airstrike - A Winter

Tom Honey's Good Weather For An Airstrike project began at the beginning of 2009 as a means to relieve the tinnitus issues he was suffering with at the time. His main goal was to create a collection of relaxing sounds that would help induce sleep.

A Winter EP is a three lullaby tracks ambient with post-classic sound. Is easy listening and very calm. Good to fill empty sound place in your home and must be in sleepy play list. 

 Released 14/01/11 at rural colours net label.


review Turnus - valedictions ep

Turnus - valedictions ep

Turnus is Nicolas Engelhardt, born 1977 in Dortmund/Germany.

Valedictions ep is a first and last Turnus release in 2005 on aerotone net label (and like i said before - not exist any more).
Headphones and chair - thats all you need to disappear in his music.
This music is really motivation to work as well as good just for walking or relaxing. Music very melodic and feature all you can imagined: pads, beats, vocal, guitar, even a field records. All six track from ep is my favorite, but best of the best for me is "valedictions II" combination of orchestra and a soft distortion guitar with nice beats.  

Turnus also featured one track on v/a compilation "soundtrack for your wedding" and make one remix on Bobby Baby track.