Oct 20, 2011

Arboretus - Soundscape De Nostalgia

Arboretus - Soundscape De Nostalgia

Soundscape De Nostalgia is the debut EP by Hampshire, UK based solo artist Alex Fawcett, otherwise known as Arboretus.

Thats kinda music i usually listen when i go to walk at very early summer morning when is still dark and the surrounding forest quietly hums to the breath of the music.

Alex' music filled with dreamy guitar lines and deep and sometimes space drones with ghost noises and voices. Music very easily adapts to any situation you have. If you listen this at cloudy day - it's perfect soundtrack for your doings and work. But if you listen this at night in woods - it's made you mind haze and meditative mood.

I also very love the artwork it's shows exactly what i feel about this.
Also  i very recommend this for fan of Cinchel; Talvihorros; Shaula and every single drone music lover.

EP will be out Monday 24 October at Hawk Moon Records and i guess be available for free download.



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