Sep 11, 2011

Robert Haigh - Notes And Crossings review + other Robert Haigh projects article

Robert Haigh - Notes And Crossings

Do you ever feel your memories? Memories thats does not exist? It's like deja vu. Or maybe is just a something you dream a several times but you always forget this on morning, but one time you wake up and  remember it feverishly like you never forget about it... Some times music can stir this memories and you feel something you can't explain. 

This is not my first meet with Rob Haigh music. This would in 2001 when i first play in GTA III i vely loved the music in this game, especially MSX FM and RISE FM some a nice music being there, a music fore the true audiophiles and music gourmet.

Later, when i start use a Internet i discover for myself what favorite track from the game write by Omni Trio and track called a First Contact. Then a few years later i meet with discgogs and realized what Omni Trio is not only project made my this compositor...

Now time. A some days ago i finally get a Notes And Crossings CD from a Faraway Press and it exceeded all expectations. It is a most lovely and dreamy piano music i ever hear. When i listen this music i forget about the place where I am and fly to old garden with beautiful grass and flowers, show me dark greenhouse and porches and dusty attics, it's silent and kinda dead because seems not exist for me... The record is very high quality and sound so wormy like is recorded on cassettes or something like that.

Robert Haigh is still my favorite compositor.

  Omni Trio 

  Omni Trio founded in 1993. Is a most fine D'n'B and jungle as i think. If you lookin for old school and true sound - thats it!


Sema have very unusual genre. is a something between a avant-guard and occult.  it's sound like a taboo music from XIX century...

Altogether Robert Haigh has a many very good-looking projects, all that I have mentioned in the article as well as Fote, Silent Storm, and others...

This is stuff you want to have in your collection. 

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