Aug 27, 2011

Ithaca Trio - Clarity

Ithaca Trio - Clarity

Ithaca Trio is a Oliver Thurley composer from UK.

Clarity is a one track release writing for a Phos Pictures "A Mother’s Letter".

I Hear something dramatical in this song or not hear, but feel.

Song starts with binaural drone scape or tunes and through pulsations going on almost whole track and give some pressure.

When I hear the experimental plays with a bow on guitar strings or scratching on the violin easier for me to imagine something and eastern desert
and unhurried piano notes switch images in my head. Then pulsation in fade away and we hear a record from some flat i guess and thats good final for the song.

so there is 19 min Clarity. You made think is a boring, bot is not at all. in fact i don't feel these 19 minutes, is like "in one breath". 

and here is film:

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