Aug 27, 2011

Ithaca Trio - Clarity

Ithaca Trio - Clarity

Ithaca Trio is a Oliver Thurley composer from UK.

Clarity is a one track release writing for a Phos Pictures "A Mother’s Letter".

I Hear something dramatical in this song or not hear, but feel.

Song starts with binaural drone scape or tunes and through pulsations going on almost whole track and give some pressure.

Aug 26, 2011

Cinchel - Ritual Habitat

Cinchel - Ritual Habitat

Cinchel is a Jason Shanley, artist from chicago, United States.

Ritual Habitat is a three tracks postcard.

His music is mostly electronic with using experimental technique playing on electro guitar like bowed and etc.

The first track is kinda space and deep with sort of machine sounds and far away sound guitar.

The second track in the quickening pace guitar more loaded and a lots of bowed strings sounds.

The track number three is most interesting to me because i think artist made a great job to reproduce the sound of the night in electronic form. Best thing is to listen to this track on your player at night in the woods, but not loudly, but to be able to hear the sound of self steps. Very dark and creepy track.

release at feed back loop label August 2011 


Aug 23, 2011

Kettel - Volleyed Iron

Kettel - Volleyed Iron

I listen this album when i was in road at 5AM and it's better for this moment. I listen and look in bus window on white from a hight fog field and smooth sun on horizon. the music is very good shows my mood point. My ming was a haze and still not wakeup enough.

Music made a beautiful gray world around me. But this is not the gray that is depressed, it's the gray that makes the work spirit and not the body. 

Music flows on a dream river from unhurried piano play to in anxiety dreams with shadows and voices. Deeper and deeper into a mystic state and slowly come back and wakeup by telephone ringing.

Overall, a very inspiring and melancholy album.
released on u-cover in 2004 

Aug 19, 2011

Johnny Ripper - Soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist

Johnny Ripper - Soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist

Johnny Ripper is a young compositor from France.

Soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist is a very big album. A 31 track + 3 bonus tracks.

The style of his music easy to call a electro-acoustic, piano ambient.

Almost all tracks on album is a teany piano miniatures with using backwards effects and field records. This tracks are just charming and calming. 

But second style of album is another story. I guess is may called a  jazz trip-hop or something similar to this.
Well i guess every person find some for you self from this album. Very fine and good-looking album. 

Aug 13, 2011

Inner Place - Substratum (2011)

 Inner Place - Substratum

By now it's harder and harder to find a classic ambient, well maybe only in ethnics shops.

“Inner Place” Is the third music project of IX which has founded in the year 2011, “ Inner Place ” is ambient project, after IX’s work to projects ( Alphaxone, Spuntic, Altitude-X, Monolith Cycle ) .
“Inner Place” is an (ambient) music style. “ Substratum ” is the first album of “ Inner Place ” in 2011 which has composed and produced by IX.

This Project interested me even before release because im never listen net-label scene music from Iran, by this token i never hear any music from Iran until now.

Twelve fine electronics ambient tracks made me breathe deeply. Some time music is dramatical and sometimes is lovely.

Very deep underwater, very deep in space, very deep in soul.

Inner Place - Substratum released at SUBWISE net-label and available for free.

If you miss a good canonical ambient - this is for you. 

Aug 2, 2011

Andrea Ferraris/Matteo Uggeri with Mujika Easel & Andrea Serrapiglio - Autumn is coming, we're all in slow motion

Andrea Ferraris/Matteo Uggeri with Mujika Easel & Andrea Serrapiglio - Autumn is coming, we're all in slow motion

Prologue:"...If someone ask me for describe this album by one word, that probably be a "fruitfulness"...

Imagine a picture as you go through hot and barren desert, and you're almost falling, exhausted by thirst and fatigue. But suddenly in front of you there is a wonderful and magical oasis which is like a cloud, where many fountains shed their water on the moss-covered with stone statues and platforms. There are a lot of people light up with happiness and under the same moment they were no longer visible, and only the memories that you see if you're right there.

Whole album will with perfect quality field records, and artist made a great job making it an indispensable part of the music because its mixing with melody just wonderful.
Instruments such as piano, acoustic guitar, accordion, cello, bells, ghost vocals is like a series of hourglass, which gradually spread in their grains melody and effects each other we have "Autumn Is Coming, We're All In Slowmotion".

Album Released October 2010 at Hibernate Records with CD edition of 200, packaged in a lovely digipak made in lomography style.