Jul 22, 2011

Shaula - Oneiroi

Shaula - Oneiroi

Shaula is a artist from Japan.
Sinse  2009 shaula whrite a few great album like Haze Non_rem_sleeps And Yona.

This albums is still somethere in top of my favorites. Shaula's music is so personal because it's really unusual sound but very beautiful at the same time. When you listen she's music all weather become a melancholic and all movement going around you begin to be slow mo.

The reason i review today single Oneiroi is because this the one Shaula release you can download totaly for free or if you want a flac you need to pay only 0.50 GBP.

Its very difficult to go into details of song or specific sound. I give you recomendation now you will made a your point of that.

Shaula - Oneiroi released 23 July 2010 on Audio Gourmet Netlabel  


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