Jun 21, 2011

Aaron Siegel - Science Is Only A Sometimes Friend

Aaron Siegel - Science Is Only A Sometimes Friend 

48 min length only bells and organ track from composer Aaron Siegel made my night. This a magical and not bored at all. Sound like a soundtrack for a old avant-guard silent film.

You know what... Tomorrow i take play this song and take nap at the same time and be listing through dreaming.

You can download or listen thats track on FMA:
Have a nice dreams =)


Offthesky - The Beautiful Nowhere (pre-out review)

 Offthesky: The Beautiful Nowhere

Originally from Kentucky, Offthesky is Jason Corder who currently resides in Denver.

The Beautiful Nowhere is a ten lovely electro-acoustic tracks album.
Leisurely guitar waves with voice play give a clear picture of mood of album. This music in a strange way clean my mind of superfluous thoughts and mentally takes away from the city to better places.
The abundance of instruments, plus high-quality recording and elements of experimentalism - turns out an amazing album. Guess is better listen it on old vinyl player in you country house.

Offthesky - The Beautiful Nowhere coming up on vinyl and CDs in jule at Hibernate Records.

Offthesky: Whittling You Little Lights by hibernate

Jun 17, 2011

Leaves among ruins - Meera/Ceallagh I (review)

leaves among ruins - Meera/Ceallagh I

Leaves among ruins artist and Sheevra Records admistrator from Ireland.

This is second self-release ep and second release i reviewed.
Meera/Ceallagh serves as inspiration for me during the last week. Disturbing guitar riffs and emotional drum beats with noises and part of speeches sound like soundtrack for "open-eyes" documentary like "Zeitgeist". Very motivational music. Three tracks very good numbered and hole ep going like parts of short film: first intro, then story, and then is titles.


Jun 16, 2011

Ex-Confusion - Small Reality (Review)

Ex-Confusion - Small Reality

Ex Confusion is Atsuhito Omori from Japan.

I've long been convinced whats Japanese ambient probably one of the best ambient on Earth.  

Small Reality is a five chapters ep.With deep and stretch guitar constituents and drones noises and pads. This music and others from this genre better listen in doing some think at the same time, crafting or drawing for example.

Released 15.06.11 at Rural Colours mp3 and Cd 3'' in rural colours subscription pack 12


Jun 13, 2011

Cantaloup releases review


Now im in anticipation because of the expectations of the new album "the sirens sleep" by cantaloup planed on june 2011.

I am still in big love with two past cantaloup albums "Tonight it shows" (2006) and "On a hill not far away" (2008) and one tracks for compilation in 2006  - all of it has release on aerotone netlabel.

If you stil don't hear about - Cantaloup is a project founded by Thomas Peters from Marburg/Germany with Eva Paul as vocalist for albums.

I so love hes music because it's very unique and not a monotonous. Songs give me all i want to listen, clean-guitar rifs, acoustics, beats, keys, even field records sometime.

Cheers Cantaloup am looking forward for you new album!

you can download all releases with pay what you wand on cantaloup.bandcamp.com     


Jun 8, 2011

Lyndsie Alguire - Suspended in light (review)

Lyndsie Alguire  - Suspended in light 

... I am very glad that I started writing these little Review for my blog because i starts followings netlabels more carefully. It is very difficult to realize that if I never listened to an album like this ... 

Lyndsie Alguire is a compositor from Montreal Canada.

Is so much soul and life in 14-x themes album "Suspended in light". Very thoughtful and beautiful album contains melancholic piano compositions and romantics electronics waves with parts of speeches and field-records. All together evokes a piece of my soul which is responsible for love. (10/10)

Album released 04 June 2011 at Camomille available for free downloads mp3 and lossless formats or for order limited edition CDR.


Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A/Track B

Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A/Track B

 Quinn is based in Daegu, South Korea and Danny is based in Ohio, US. 

Part A on album is a avant-garde minimal track with instrumental and electronica unplugged sound. Track outro is a lovely harmonic part.

Part B more electronic combinations of pads, drones and pink noises with a hint of field recordings.

Album released 07 June 2011 at Audio Gourmet netlabel.