May 14, 2011

Electronica Unplugged review

Electronica Unplugged.

I don't completely remember how i open aerotone netlabel and there releases for you self, but remember exactly what feelings they aroused in me...

I am planed to review most of  aerotone releases, and at first i tell you about two beautiful various artists compilation called Electronica Unplugged.

 The first of it was released in 2006 and contains 10 tracks, Second was released in 2007.
 Electronica Unplugged is a best name for this compilation which only can be invented, because i can not accurately describe the genre differently than  electronica unplugged.

There is a few track that very inspired me:

Track "Nunns rd." by "Winterpark" us still my favorite song ever, and i can't explain why. I am just can listen it every time.

 "Talk about you" by "The Banjo Consorsium" very unusual mix of acoustic and electronics gives the whole a very pleasant sounding.

Subgenre as like "Drop" by "Akira Kosemura" i called piano miniatures for my self, usually contain minimal piano track and noise or field records.

 I love every songs made by "Bersarin Quartett" at the same i love every songs made by "Your Hand In Mine" it's just a great artists.

 "Now it´s over" my second favorite track made by "Roll Film", true combination of electronica and unplugged ;)

... and for other tracks i just don't have a good level of my english, so i just recommend listen it and make you own verdict.

Unfortunately after aerotone reboot, those release non exist on label any more. But you can't find on . Have a nice listening!

Here a another and more detail review:

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