May 14, 2011

brunk – winter ep review

brunk – winter ep

brunk is the solo-project of Bert Vanden Berghe, homerecording musician, born in 1977 and now living in Ghent, Belgium. Bert started with brunk in 1998; he just wanted to record and experiment with music in a free way, without stylistic restrictions or a predefined direction. 

The “winter ep” contains 4 tracks with a complete duration of 21 minutes, recorded in February 2008 and released at Resting Bell netlabel in 26.03.2009.

"Laika's view" is a seven min track going first on ep, consists of drones waves play and faint guitar and field records. All together fill a great  picture in my mind.

"surrounding" beautiful combination of acoustic and overdrive guitar.

"zon in februari" Very interesting track, if I did not know I would have thought that this live performance at cafe  or something

When i listen "nachtwandeling" the last track on ep, imagine western movie or shots lake man goes through desert.

verdict: winter ep is a good-looking release. 

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