May 24, 2011

leaves among ruins - What they left behind (2011)

leaves among ruins - What they left behind

Leaves among ruins is a project founded by (?) in Antarctica (i guess).

Thats two tracks demo ep i discovered fortuitously. (Yep, just search Antarctica tag in bandcamp). I listen it and it very impressed me.

The first track called Hamylton is a ambient track with good distortion guitar riffs sounds like pads with field records. Two minutes length theme sounding more like a intro for album.

Second track starts as ambient track with pads, noises and clean guitar, then come piano and beats and theme transformed into new-wave post-rock song.

Verdict: to good to be a demo =) 

May 22, 2011

review: Woodworkings - Goodbye Homes 2011

Woodworkings - Goodbye Homes 2011

Woodworkings is a music project of Kyle Woodworth. Gordon Withers plays cello and Samuel Woodworth sings occasionally and plays other instruments. Project from San Diego, California, US.

Goodbye Homes 3-x track ep i guess will be one of the best exhibit in my collection. I'm surprised that I'm only now discovering their music, and i just can't think straight then i listen cello (thats why i chose cello to learning in music school). And whats can be better then combination of stings, unplugged guitar and ambient noises? Thanks Woodworkings for give me a happy weekend.

EP is pay what you want, CDs also available. 

May 21, 2011

review: The Tumbled Sea - Melody Summer

The Tumbled Sea - Melody Summer

the tumbled sea is a one man project from Boston, Massachusetts, US 

For the all piano and modern classics lovers, if you don't listen this music before... well... Listen this! 

Melody Summer is a eleven track album released in 5 may 2009 at Futurerecordings. Hight quality piano and sting music in combination with organs and woodwinds  is really associated me with summer. Watching on the dawn and siting on lake coast with this music in your mp3 player is a best starts of the day.

Digital Album is a pay whats you wont. CD package also available. 

May 17, 2011

review: Visión Armónica del Caos - Impaciencia

Visión Armónica del Caos - Impaciencia

Visión Armónica del Caos is a one man band from San Pedro, Costa Rica.

Impaciencia - such a lovely indie-rock and for free, i don't listen so good free indie-rock for long time. Release 7.01.2011 on noisnois netlabel. 

Three instrumental tracks combination with nice guitar, a little bit electronics, good drums beat and lovely bass tracks.

This is a first release from this artist i listen, but is a enough to make motivate me for listening another Visión Armónica del Caos releases. 


review: Gimu - Beluga

Gimu - Beluga

Gimu is a artist from Brazil. His earlier music career was based around a pop/electronic band called 'Terrorturbo', in which he was lead singer. As the members of the band went their separate ways over time, Gimu found himself left alone and unsure as to what would be his next move. 

Beluga is a two tracks debut ep released on Audio  Gourmet net label 14 December 2010.

Begula is very depressive and dramatical music, but is a great at the same time. I can't called it ambient because is so much different. Sound like a soundtrack for Arab landscapes. Is not a easy listening but is definitely deserves more attention and i can recommend fans of Sopor Aeternus, Saltillo and  Bersarin Quartett. 


May 15, 2011

review Good Weather for an Airstrike - A Winter

Good Weather for an Airstrike - A Winter

Tom Honey's Good Weather For An Airstrike project began at the beginning of 2009 as a means to relieve the tinnitus issues he was suffering with at the time. His main goal was to create a collection of relaxing sounds that would help induce sleep.

A Winter EP is a three lullaby tracks ambient with post-classic sound. Is easy listening and very calm. Good to fill empty sound place in your home and must be in sleepy play list. 

 Released 14/01/11 at rural colours net label.


review Turnus - valedictions ep

Turnus - valedictions ep

Turnus is Nicolas Engelhardt, born 1977 in Dortmund/Germany.

Valedictions ep is a first and last Turnus release in 2005 on aerotone net label (and like i said before - not exist any more).
Headphones and chair - thats all you need to disappear in his music.
This music is really motivation to work as well as good just for walking or relaxing. Music very melodic and feature all you can imagined: pads, beats, vocal, guitar, even a field records. All six track from ep is my favorite, but best of the best for me is "valedictions II" combination of orchestra and a soft distortion guitar with nice beats.  

Turnus also featured one track on v/a compilation "soundtrack for your wedding" and make one remix on Bobby Baby track. 

May 14, 2011

Electronica Unplugged review

Electronica Unplugged.

I don't completely remember how i open aerotone netlabel and there releases for you self, but remember exactly what feelings they aroused in me...

I am planed to review most of  aerotone releases, and at first i tell you about two beautiful various artists compilation called Electronica Unplugged.

 The first of it was released in 2006 and contains 10 tracks, Second was released in 2007.
 Electronica Unplugged is a best name for this compilation which only can be invented, because i can not accurately describe the genre differently than  electronica unplugged.

There is a few track that very inspired me:

Track "Nunns rd." by "Winterpark" us still my favorite song ever, and i can't explain why. I am just can listen it every time.

 "Talk about you" by "The Banjo Consorsium" very unusual mix of acoustic and electronics gives the whole a very pleasant sounding.

Subgenre as like "Drop" by "Akira Kosemura" i called piano miniatures for my self, usually contain minimal piano track and noise or field records.

 I love every songs made by "Bersarin Quartett" at the same i love every songs made by "Your Hand In Mine" it's just a great artists.

 "Now it´s over" my second favorite track made by "Roll Film", true combination of electronica and unplugged ;)

... and for other tracks i just don't have a good level of my english, so i just recommend listen it and make you own verdict.

Unfortunately after aerotone reboot, those release non exist on label any more. But you can't find on . Have a nice listening!

Here a another and more detail review:

brunk – winter ep review

brunk – winter ep

brunk is the solo-project of Bert Vanden Berghe, homerecording musician, born in 1977 and now living in Ghent, Belgium. Bert started with brunk in 1998; he just wanted to record and experiment with music in a free way, without stylistic restrictions or a predefined direction. 

The “winter ep” contains 4 tracks with a complete duration of 21 minutes, recorded in February 2008 and released at Resting Bell netlabel in 26.03.2009.

"Laika's view" is a seven min track going first on ep, consists of drones waves play and faint guitar and field records. All together fill a great  picture in my mind.

"surrounding" beautiful combination of acoustic and overdrive guitar.

"zon in februari" Very interesting track, if I did not know I would have thought that this live performance at cafe  or something

When i listen "nachtwandeling" the last track on ep, imagine western movie or shots lake man goes through desert.

verdict: winter ep is a good-looking release. 

May 10, 2011

Review on muhr - everything is ok, we're still standing

muhr - everything is ok, we're still standing

Two track's Single  "everything is ok, we're still standing" made by "muhr" aka. Vincent Fugere artist, graphic designer, photographer and fledging videographer from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Everything is ok - is a ambient electronic track with growing space  or drone's sound accompanied by ethnic percussion.

We're still standing - Very emotional and not monotone track starts with long cosmic sound then enters an electric guitar with piano.

Single released 9th May 2011 at own vince label Camomillemusic and available for free download.